17 September 2009

10 Spiciest Food in The Wolrd

Let's see from the most spicy. . .

1. Indonesian "Sambal Ulek" This is the spiciest food in the world.
Indonesian chili has 10 times more spicy than Thai Bird's Eye Chili.

According to the tongue of "un-Indonesian", "sambal ulek" is sooo spicy, and the only way to keep a sense spiciness, is to eat other food as much as possible. Comments from "un-Indonesian", after eating "sambal ulek" they usually feel like losing their lips.
Wanna try??

2.Wot – Ethiopia
Many people do not think that Africa is able to donate spicy food, do not be wrong. Ethiopia is famous with Wot. This is the second most spicy food in the world, after Indonesian "Sambel Ulek". Wot the most often favors one pound of seasoned onion and garlic, some ginger ons, and barbere (mixture of dried spices and dried chilli) that extraordinary amount of vitriolic in no less chilling.

Food extraordinary challenge is made from chicken broth, spices such as that given above, and boiled for several hours, until all the feeling that there are mixed evenly, and heat from the chilli and spices are also not left behind a bit. Once cooked, the food is presented on the plate injera (a kind of bread) and boiled eggs are given a bonus intact!

3. Vindaloo – India
Mostar ingredients such as seeds, dried chili, coriander, ginger, fennel, everything is always there.

Vindaloo is spicy, because the meat used in this dish soaked in vinegar, plus a spicy flavor earlier, all of which will work together to make the meat that is more puncture and bite!

4. Jerk Chicken – Karibia
Not only crazy, but this food is delicious and also very fun. Various ingredients are ingredients that have special areas of Asia and Africa, of a warm and delicious. All spice, cloves, cinnamon, spring onion, nutmeg, thyme and garlic, all donated warm feeling, strengthened by the Scotch Bonnet chili able to create the confusion after the swallow.

5. Chicken wings Suicide - United States
Things which are always mixed are Tabasco sauce, chili discount dry, and chopped fresh chili

6. Bibimbap with KIMCHI - Korea

Bibimbap? KIMCHI? It's strange aight? ..Let's one by one we see. KIMCHI is sauerkraut, a spicy garlic, onion, chili, and ginger! Spicy? Certainly, too hot! Sauerkraut fermentation period is several months, so can be, taste spicy onion and chili and ginger to be sure that sting!

Bibimbap is a typical classical Korean food, which consists of rice, fried vegetables, meat, eggs and fried .. chilli ...

7. Papa a la Huancaina - Peru
Snacks such as potato salad, which contains the cold boiled potatoes, and served with sauce Huancaina. Serving food is always fully involve leaf lettuce, black olive fruit, seed corn, boiled eggs and discounts. Huancaina sauce is what makes it extra spicy, because the addition of cheese, condensed milk, salt, a material is called the Amarillo chili chili, the rather spicy!

8. Radish with Sichuan Pepper - China
In general, fresh salad served with a slightly sour taste, but this salad is very different. Radish with Sichuan Pepper (whole) and a snippet of cayenne. So in this food you will find a sweet taste, spicy, and restless. Indeed, food is served with brilliant .. and burning .. Chili used? Bird's Eye Chilis. If the chili is still lacking, remember, there Sichuan Pepper intact. It seems, is described with interesting, acid-sour, spicy, or a tourist , simply says: like chewing mine!

9. Shrimp Creole - United States.
This cuisine originated from the Southern United States, and is a comfort food for those who feel like a burn mouth cavity. Flavor and food is simple, such as chili, tomatoes, shrimp and chicken, and spicy taste of food is obtainable from the fresh chili and Cayenne pepper.

10. Tom Yum - Thailand.
Spicy sour soup from Thailand is indeed very seduce, and entrap the aroma promises a spicy sting. Variation of Tom Yum many are Tom Yum Gai (chicken) or Tom Yum Pla (seafood), spicy taste that comes from the Thai chili called Bird's Eye Chilis, lime juice and rough-skinned citrus leaves.

13 September 2009

10 Cruelest Man in The world

Here are 10 most cruel man in the world.

1. Attila The Huns
Attila the Hun was king of the year 434 until his death in 453 years.
He is the leader of Hunnic Empire which spread from Germany to the Ural River and from the Danube River to the Baltic Sea.
In the largest Western Europe, he was remembered as an example brutality and greed.
Campaign failed in the Parsi year 441, followed by invasive Eastern Roman Empire, the success of which Attila nerve to attack the West.
He was passing through Austria and Germany are without, across the Rhine to the Gael, he was to seize and destroy all the people in the street with a ferocity unlike in the record and the barbarian invasion force that he overcome to increase the size of the army is.
Attila died in his own blood on his marriage night.

2. Maximilien Robespierre
Maximilien Robespierre was a leader and the French revolution is the argument to make revolutionary government to kill the king without a trial.
Robespierre is one behind the main actors of the bestial, 10 months post-revolutionary terror, and he caused mass executions.
Terror that threaten between 18,500 to 40,000 people, with 1900 killed in the last month.
Among those punished by the revolutionary court, about 8 percent is noble, clergy as much as 6 percent, middle-class as much as 14 percent, and 70 percent of the remaining employees or labor hoarding that were allegedly doing, reject the draft, desertion, rebellion, and others confess crime .
Because of his deeds, Robespierre's head was cut in 1794 without trial.

3. Ruhollah Khomeini

Ayatollah Khomeini was Iran's Islamic religious leaders from 1979 until 1989.
At the time he was conducting Islam regulation (Islamics religious law ) with the skirt Islamiah applied for both men and women by guards Revolutionary Islamiah and other groups Islamiah.
Opposition to the learned scholars of Islam or the public are often found with rough punishment.
In a conversation in Fayzieah School in Qom, August 30, 1979, Khomeini said:

"Who tries to realize the corruption and destruction for our country in the name of democracy will be tortured. They are worse than Bani-The Jewish Ghorizeh, and they have to swing. We will punish them on the command of God and God's call to prayer."

Mass slaughter in the 1988 Iranian prisoners, following the operation Forough-e Javidan Iran Combatants Mujahidin against the Islamic Republic, Khomeini gave the officers to court in order to judge every Iranian political prisoner and kill all who do not repent of the activity counter-regime.
Many say that the thousands who were killed quickly in prison. Memoirs Grand Ayatollah Hossein-Ali Montazeri to report details of the execution of 30,000 political activists.
After eleven days in the hospital in operation to stop bleeding in, Khomeini died of cancer because on Saturday, June 04, 1989, at the age of 86 years.

4. Idi Amin Dada
Idi Amin was an army officer and president of Uganda.
He took power in a military coup in January 1971, Milton Obote down.
Marked by his human rights violations, political repression, ethnic persecution, murder and expulsion of extra people from India Uganda.
The number of people killed as a result his unknown regime; estimates vary from 80,000 to 500,000.
On August 4, 1972, Amin issued a decree that ordered the expulsion ke60.000 Asia is not a citizen Uganda (most of them British passports to load).
Later revised this to include people ke80.000 Asia, with the exception professional, such as doctors, lawyers and teachers.
Amin eventually be defeated, but until his death, he held that Uganda needed him and he did not reveal the sorrow for the abuse in his regime.

5 Leopold II of Belgium
Leopold II was the King of Belgium 1865-1909.
With financial assistance from the government, Leopold create "Congo Free State", the project time for the tap rubber and ivory in the middle of the Congo Africa, who relied on forced labor and death as much as 3 million people around the Congo.
Regime Congo Free State became one of the international scandal of the century the more famous bad. In private areas of land owned by the King is 76 times bigger than Belgium, which he can own freely as the scope of personal privacy through the army, Force Public. Owned rubber plantation workers Leopold tortured, maim and massacre until the end of the century, up nuran heart, i ago the West Brusel forced to make stops.

6. Pol Pot
Pol Pot are Khmer Rouge leader and Prime Minister of Cambodia from 1976 until 1979, he has been de facto leaders since mid-1975.
During his power, Pol Pot impose an extreme version of agrarian communism where all people of the city moved to the hinterland to work in the plantation project and collective labor.
The combined effects of slave, malnutrition, poor medical implementation approximately to have killed around 2 million Cambodian people (about one third of the population). His Regime achieve special bad reputation because of all the scholars and choose "the bourgeois enemies" for murder.
Khmer Rouge conduct mass executions in place, known as "Murder fields." Which is executed buried in mass graves.
To save ammunition, executions was done by using use a hammer, ax handles, shovel or a stick of bamboo be sharpened.

7 Vlad Ţepeş
Romanian Vlad III (also known as Vlad the Impaler) was Prince of Wallachia three times a year from 1448 until the year 1476. Better known as Vlad the legend of punisher who is very cruel. He was forced during his reign, and he also serve as the principal inspiration for the main character vampire "Bram Stoker" Dracula in popular new.
In Romania he is considered as a prince with a deep sense of justice. List of torture he has already stated to extensive: nails in the head, cut the limb, blind, strangulation, burned, cut the nose and ears, cutting sexual organs (especially in the case of women), scalp, skin until the elements or to animals, and boiling human-life.
There are claims that some top opportunities attacked ten thousand people in 1460.

8 Ivan IV of Russia
Russia Ivan IV, also known as Ivan the scaring magnificent King Muscovy from 1533 until 1547 and is the first Russian ruler to take the rights Emperor.
In the year 1570, Ivan under the belief that planned by the city elite to Novgorod across to Poland, and told a soldier stopped them on 2 January. Ivan army build walls around the perimeter of the city to prevent the city apart.
Between 500 to 1000 people gathered every day by the army, and tortured and killed in front of Ivan and his son.
In 1581, Ivan pulled full of daughters-in-law because the clothes are not modest, causing abortion. His son, also named Ivan, collide with the argument of his father. That caused Ivan and his son hit in the head with a sharped-stick then his son died instantly.

9. Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler was chosen by the German chancellor in 1933, became the "Fuhrer" in 1934 until he killed himself in 1945. At the end of World War 2, Policy territorial conquest and the destruction has brought death and torture millions of people, including the slaughter of approximately six million Jews now known as the Holocaust.
On April 30, 1945, after the first great street-to-street, when the Soviet army in the block or two Reich Chancellery, Hitler killed himself, shot himself with cyanide capsule.

10. Josef Stalin
Stalin was General Secretary of the Communist Party's Central Committee of the Soviet Union from 1922 until his death in 1953. Under the leadership of Stalin, the Ukrainian State suffering very severe famine (Holodomor), by most people this is considered a result of mass destruction, which is part of Stalin's policies. Estimated number of deaths vary from 2.5 million to 10 million. Hunger caused by political and administrative decisions.
Besides hunger, Stalin ordered the Soviet Union in the cleaning of any person who is considered as enemy states.
In total, the estimated number of the killed under Stalin range of between 10 million to 60 million people.

08 September 2009

10 Most Safety Bank in The World

Nowadays many people are very scared about losing their money, because of world crisis.
So I make this article, by hoping you can save your money well.

Here are 10 Most Safety Bank in The World :

1. KfW - Germany
Link : http://www.kfw.de/

2. Caisse des Depots et Consignations (CDC) - France
Link : http://www.caissedesdepots.fr/

3. Bank Nederlands Gemeenten (BNG) - Netherlands
Link : http://www.bng.nl/

4. Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank - Germany
Link : http://www.rentenbank.de/

5. Rabobank - Netherlands
Link : http://www.rabobank.com/content/

6. Landeskredit Bank Baden Wuerttemberg Foerderbank - Germany
Link : http://www.l-bank.de/

7. NRW Bank - Germany
Link : http://www.nrwbank.de

8. BNP Paribas - France
Link : http://www.bnpparibas.com

9. Banco Santander - Spain
Link : http://www.santander.com/

10. Royal Bank of Canada - Canada
Link : http://www.rbcroyalbank.com/

06 September 2009

I swear they aren't moving !

You'll see them moving around,
if you gaze it randomly

04 September 2009

Health Test (Alzheimer)

What is Alzheimer ?
Alzheimer is not a disease 'childlike because old age, that's just because of simply process of aging. Instead, it is a kind of health problem that is very harrowing and should be given attention. Alzheimer is a disease that often befall people - the great and famous, for example, only Enid Blyton, Charles Bronson, Wistin Churchill, and Ronald Reagan.

Now I have a test that can tell u, whether you have Alzheimer or not !
Check it out !

1. Find "C". Don't use your cursor as the helper.


2. If you've found "C", now find "6".

9999999999999999999 9999999999999999 999999999999999 99999999999999
9999999999999999999 9999999999999999 999999999999999 99999999999999999
9999999999999999999 9999999999999999 999999999999999 99999999999999999
9999699999999999999 9999999999999999 999999999999999 99999999999999999
9999999999999999999 9999999999999999 999999999999999 99999999999999999
9999999999999999999 9999999999999999 999999999999999 99999999999999

3. It's a bit more difficult, find "N".


4. More difficult, find "O".


5. Now find "I"


If you can pass these 3 tests, you don't have to visit you neurolog.
'Cause Your brain is still far from Alzheimer.

But if you can't do these well, I think you better visit your neurolog as soon as possible !!

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