31 July 2009

6 Most Dangerous Creatures

1. Its sting is also called "Wasp THE SEA"
Hundreds even Thousands the will be felt by the victim.
Can cause up to the chilling effect of shock and tear kulit2nya.

Imagine, if you are punctured with thousands of small and thin in all the time, it seems it is more or less.

It is a chilling animal does this:
Its toxic sting can no longer kill in minutes or seconds, but with pure REFLEX count.

2. This animal is not like the other monsters who love hiding, be aware when its prey come and eat them quickly.

Its bur is located in almost all its body. Its like the animal parade HYPODERMIC poison needle.
each spine is enough to kill the diver in a matter of minutes.
The more scaring thing is not when the victim is death, but the more scaring is when you've been stunned but not die yet
Because the toxic is very harrowing to the victim better amputate their body parts affected by poison page lives than live with the poison.

3. Live in the amazon forest, in southern Brazil.
members of the animal insect "LONOMIA"
original name Taturana Tatarana.

This animals kind is alike with the other that we always see,
but the difference is its bur can kill and eat a dozen victims have each year.
its toxic is the most extreme ANTICOAGULANT available.
ANTICOAGULANT can split the order and destroy blood cells.

4. If you go holiday to Asia or India beaches never wonder what you see. It's a kind of snake that can be in the high seas. It's better for you to stay away from this animal.

The science name of this animal is Enhydrina Schistosa.

It just has 1.5 Milligrams poison

just a little?

but the amount of that toxic is more than enough to make you sleep with sea fishes forever.

Singaporean and Hong Kong people often made this animal as a side dish snakes dinner.

5. They are the only animals that can kill human only with "touch"
Its toxic is not located in the canine or tounge...
but in the skin gland.
Touch it and you will be dead ....
This creature can jump up to 2 meters high so far.

6. Yap it has beautiful shape .... and scanning is not very dangerous. BUT in fact, with its poison (at base of the tip of the mouth) which can shoot like HARPOON arrows, can kill within 4 min.
Death Express ......

Otherwise, your nerves will be inactive and the victim will fall be"frozen" in which there is no muscle that can be in motion.

Due to its great toxic, CIA is developing it into their newest weapons.

29 July 2009

6 Dangerous Pandemic Deseases

A big problem, A influenza (swine flu) until now is still much discussed in various media, because the flu is considered to have been making a lot of victims in the country of origin spreading, Mexico and has spread to several other countries all over the world. WHO issued a statement that there was no sign of decreasing the spread of swine flu. This raises concerns that a bird flu pandemic will become a reality.

What is a pandemic? Pandemic is the spread of disease throughout the world involving a wide area and a large population. Up to now the world has been recorded in several diseases that devour the victim in a very large amount. Here is the list:

1. Smallpox
Smallpox is a disease in which specific human, caused by two types of the virus Variola major and Variola minor. In the 18 century smallpox killed 60 million people around Europe. In the 20th century this virus caused the death of around 300-500 million people around the world.

2. Spanish flu (1918-1919)

Killed 50-100 million people in the world within a period of less than 2 years. This version Flu from severe flu symptoms with a normal sore throat, fever and headache.

3. Black Death (1340-1771)

Has killed about 75 million people around the world. Also called the Black plague. Started spreading from Asia to Central Europe about the direction in 1340-an.

4. Malaria (1600-present)

Killed approximately 2 million people each year. This disease is one of the most common infections and health problems that are very large. Plasmodium parasites are transmitted by female Anopheles mosquitoes this split in the red blood cells causing symptoms include fever, shivering, nausea, flu symptoms, anemia, and in severe cases will cause a coma to death.

5. AIDS (1981-present)

Have killed 25 million people around the world. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is a disease caused by Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). Up to now the number of HIV positive patients have been increasingly high, about 40.3 million people living with HIV. Region has the most people this is about-Saharan Africa, and Southeast Asia and northern occupied the second position. Facts about the origins of the spread of AIDS is still not known, although there are some who say that HIV came from monkeys in Africa.

6. Cholera (1817-present)

This pandemic has occurred 8 times, and killed thousands of people. Cholera is an infection of digestive diseases caused by enterotoxin issued by the bacterium Vibrio cholerae. Cholera pandemic was first found in India (1816-1826), and then spread to China and Indonesia, where at that time 100,000 people were killed in Java due to this disease.

Hopefully the case of A influenza H1N1 virus will not be changed into pandemic diseases that have above.

27 July 2009

The Scariest Moment That Happens To Painters

I used to love painting,,
But I stopped doing that,, since THIS happened to me.....
Uhhh Scaring!!!

25 July 2009

Stay Healthy, with only drinking Mineral Water

Without money for medicines, tablets, injections, diagnosis, physician wages, etc..
Only drinking water, diseases below can be cured. You will not believe before to do so. Below is a list of diseases that can be cured by this therapy:

1. Headaches
2. Asthma
3. Hosthortobics
4. High blood
5. Bronchitis
6. Diabetes
7. Bloodless
8. TB
9. Lungs disorder
10. Eye Diseases
11. Rheumatism
12. Brain inflammation
13. Paralysis
14. Kidney stones
15. Hapa Disorders 16. Obesity
17. Disease ureter
18. Leukemia
19. Inflammation / joint Pain Management
20. Excess acid fiber
21. Cancer hybrid
22. Mucous membrane inflammation
23. Diarrhea
24. Breast Cancer
25. Heart Disorders
26. Dysentery
27. Throat inflammation
28. Hemorrhoid
29. Constipation
30. Cough

How Water That Works?

Drink water with the usual method that is correct, cleanse the human body. This makes the colon work more effectively with the new form of blood, known in medical terms as aematopaises. That mucousal Fold in the large intestine and small intestine activated by this method, a fact cannot be banned,
such as the theory that new fresh blood is produced by this mucousal Fold. When the bowel clean, the nutrition of food eaten several times a day and will be working with mucousal Fold, nutritional food is changed into new blood.

Blood is the most important in the cure of disease and maintain health, and therefore the water should be consumed regularly.

How to do that?

Morning when you wake up to sleep (even without a toothbrush first) drink 1.5 liters of water, that is 5 to 6 glasses. Better by measuring water advance of 1.5 liters.

After that you can wash your face. It is important to note that do not drink or eat anything an hour before and after drinking 1.5 liters of this water. Have also been examined carefully that should not be drinking alcohol on the night before. If necessary, use boiled water or water that is filtered.

Do we have to Drink it up to 1.5 Liter at once?

For a start, it may be difficult to have a drink 1.5 liters of water at once, but slowly will be habited. Firstly, when the exercises, you should drink 4 glasses first and the rest who drink 2 glass two minutes later. Initially you will move a small 2 to 3 times in one hour, but after some time, will be normal again. According to the research and experience, the following diseases can be cured with this therapy, such as in the below:

Constipation - 1 Day
TB - 3 Months
Diabetes - Day 7
Muscle Disorder- Day 2
Blood pressure - 4 Sunday
Cancer - 4 Sunday

It is recommended that people with inflammation / joint pain and rheumatism implement this therapy three times a day, in the morning, afternoon, and evening one hour before food for one week, then twice daily until it's healed.

24 July 2009

Taking a Nap is good for our Heart

Not many are aware, taking a nap can help decrease the risk of death, especially in the able-bodied young men. Research conducted by scientists during the Greek period is the six-year siesta for about 30 minutes at least three times a week have a 37 percent risk of experiencing interference lower heart disease.
Experts reveal siesta relax to help people and reduce their stress levels, heart disturbances and even smaller countries are found in routine siesta, although some studies show different results.

Research carried out in Greece this is done on men and 23,681 women in the age range 20 to 86 years. The participants have a record of good health, without a history of suffering from heart disease and other acute diseases.

In six years of study, the participants requested information on their lunch hour to sleep, eating patterns and physical activity routine that they do.

Result, the researchers claim they have a siesta lower risk of suffering heart of interference as much as 34 percent compared to those who do not siesta.

While they sleep the day more than 30 minutes three or more in each week has a record 37 percent lower interference affected the heart.

Taking a nap also can reduce the risk for interference in the heart of the workers, in which approximately 64 percent decreased risk of heart on the risk of death. While the men's unemployment, there were only about 36 percent.

"Sleep disturbances and afternoon blood vessel that has a significant relationship. Phenomena was found in this country that the majority of the population undergoing routine siesta on a regular basis, the results of the mortality rate due to disruption of blood vessel is very low," said research leader Dr. Dimitrios Trichopoulos, Harvard School of of Public Health.
Trichopoulos also said, although various studies about the siesta was conducted with different results, but there are important points that can be drawn from this study, namely: to know so we limit a person's health and ability to control your physical activities.
It's also like June Davison's, a nurse from the British Heart Health Foundation, which states siesta helps reduce the risk of heart attack, especially in the male workers.

"Bedroom afternoon in the middle of the day to help us break relax and separated from the load moment, and that it is very meant for our health. That we must remember is to balance the rest and activity," said Davison.

Davison also said that they are easy to work because of stress tend to giddy with their health behaviors, such as excessive smoking, do not consume healthy food, drink alcoholic beverages-and even forget to exercise. This increase the risk of heart trouble.

Program siesta has been Dilirik Yarde Metals, a company of iron and aluminum industry has a special room for the siesta workers at their office, in Southington, Connecticut. Lunch bedroom has two leather sofas, soft pillows, poor lighting and a feeble-hour weker.

"Although only sleep in a moment, but I can return to gather my energy and create the body shape. I think the siesta must start to adapt in our work routines," said Mark Ekenbarger, engineers Yarde Metals Company, which suffered arterial disorder and must undergo regular siesta top heart doctor for advice.

"Sleeping alone is not a day habit in the United States, because the siesta is the same as the laziness in the business world that is high mobility. However, at this time several offices in the United States began to give more time to sleep for a while 30-40 minutes during lunch break, and the results that they utilize siesta become more productive, "said Bill Anthony, psychological and Boston University author of" The Art of Napping at Work.

23 July 2009

Kinds Of Antibody

God had made so many creatures in this world, such as human, animal, plant and also virus.
Virus is one of bad creature, which can attack animal, plant and humans' body.

In the human body has also been given the form of preparation of troops ready for combat against the virus or bacteria and parasites cause disease so the body's immune system is produced. This army is cell-Limfosit B cells (B cells) generated by the spinal marrow, which produces cell limfosit this weapon is called antibody. Antibody is composed on the protein-protein called immunoglobuline IG abbreviated. In addition, be by the human body's immune system not only viruses, and parasites bacteria course, but also include cell-cell tumor or cancer.

Immunoglobuline has a very important role for the human body's immune system. Viruses, bacteria and parasites cause disease is also called antigen. When antigen enters the human body, IG will be attached on the surface of the antigen and help to destroy it.

There's 5 types ofImmunoglobuline, they are IgG, Iga, IgM, IgD, and IgE. Here is the function of each antibody is:

1. IgG, the most widely found in the blood (about 80%) and has a strong effect most likely to go against the antigen. IgG is the only antibody that can penetrate placenta pregnant women because of the size of the protein is very small, so the fetus can be protected from possible infection.

2. IgA, there are many in the mucosa area , such as respiratory channel and channel urinal. Work to prevent terkumpulnya antigen.

3. IgM, eliminatethe antigen before there are a lot of IgG.

4. IgD, its main function is antigen receptor or in other words as the introduction of antigen by cell B.

5. IgE, a role in allergic events. Also helps fight infection in the worms.

22 July 2009

10 Smallest Animal

Being known as Hippo campus denise usually only have a length of 16 millimeters or more from the small finger nail. Some were found to only have a length of 13 mm. This sea horse stays in the west tropical waters of the Pacific Ocean, between 13 and 90 meters below the sea surface

Remembering the very small size of its body on the ball a dime. Lizard by the name of scientific Sphaerodactylus ariasae has about 16 millimeter length or three-quarter inches measured from mocong to the head. The type of other species of lizard Sphaerodactylus parthenopion were found in 1965 in the UK

This Cow is the world's smallest growth results breeder in India and is called the cow Vechur. With a high average - the average 31 to 35 inches (81-91 cm). In the photo is a comparison with the normal age of cattle 16 months compared with cows' mini 'about the age of 6 years

Brookesia Minima is a type of chameleon is the smallest in the world. Found in areas of tropical rain forest on the island of Nosy Be the north-west coast of Madagascar, the females tend to be bigger than the male

Only slightly bigger than a 50 peso coin, dwarf hamster is the smallest in the world. With weight less than 1 oz, weighing less than one oz, growth stopped when the age of about 3 weeks. This hamster height is only about 2.5 cm (0.9 inches)

This cat is the smallest cat in the world. At age 2 years this cat has a weight of only about 3 ponds with high 15.5 cm (6.1 inches) long and 49 cm (19.2 inches) and recorded as the smallest cat in the world version of Guinness Book of Records

In January 2006 The smallest fish in the world, found in Sumatra, Indonesia, and included in the family Paedocypris progenetica. Fish is the smallest vertebrate fish only 7.9 mm (0.3 inches) long. This fish isonly about 6.2 mm (0.2 in) length

Thumbelin is the smallest horse in the world with a high around 17 inches or 43.18 cm at age 5 years

Leptotyphlops carlae is the smallest kind of snake in the world with the average length when mature - the average is only four inches. Found in the Caribbean islands, Barbados. Noodles shaped like spaghetti, and was first discovered by Blair Hedges

With the weight of 1.4 ponds and 4.9 inches high, Ducky, a Chihuahua from Charlton (Massachusetts, USA), holds the Guinness World Record for the smallest dog in the world (for the height). Ducky successfully overcome Danka Kordak from Slovakia, with 5.4 inches high. The smallest dog ever recorded in the Guinness Book of records with Yorkshire is 2.8 inches high

21 July 2009

[photoshop] WATCH OUT!!! Some plants are ready to attack and destroy us

We must be alert!!!
Cause some plants are making plan to attack our universe in several days,,
Here they are . . . .

20 July 2009

Animals That Love Vulcano

Active volcano that is named NW Rota-1 in the bottom of the sea around Guam, an island in the western Pacific Ocean, became a dwelling beings unique sea. Despite frequent eruption, the more that come to inhabit the area.

Including shrimp, crab, snail, and crab. Some even predicted a new species. Last observation carried out using the ship under the sea robot named Jason who is from the research ship R / V Thompson in the expedition last April.
"They were able to adapt to their environment and survive in an environment containing toxic chemical substances," said Bill Chadwick, a vulkanolog from Oregon State University. He said that the coming jewan-sea animals because so many new food source in the vicinity of the former eruption.

Hidrotermal bursts of gas from the belly of the mountain has brought the organic material into the live bacteria. This is a fertile layer of charm to be the presence of other beings. Even some of them adjust to the new environment as a kind of shrimp that has a small hook to scrape bacteria and other species that have the most to memangsa animal that size is smaller.

Summary volcano under the sea has formed cone at 40 meters and 300 meter selebar. The researchers will study the emergence of the mountain this relationship with the community of living beings along mountain activities.

"As the growth cone before, we have seen a population increase of animals that live there," said Chadwick. He and his team has conducted two previous times in 2004 and 2006.

By learning this, they hope to reveal the formation of life on the sea

Hand-Size Helicopter

Getting inspiration from James Bond film, a manufacturer of Prox Dynamics origin Norway make helicopter. However, the helicopter that was created only a cigarette box size that can be used for activities detective in the air.

With only the size of matchbox, the helicopter is named PD-100 Black Hornet nanocopter this can help the future soldiers in the battle to provide intelligence information, with only driven through a remote control distance.

So, it's just heli toys? Do not be wrong. Black Hornet is very powerful because it is controlled from long distance. In addition, this heli can perform a variety of maneuver that does not clearly owned by heli toys. Engineers behind the making of Black Hornet has been minuscule develop aircraft that will do all things, from the slow movement and speed, drift, and make things complicated. For example, flying in or out of the room.

With the weight of only 0.5 grams, this heli even more of a small toy helicopter batteries. Tools detective uses electric motors to run it. Microcopter use 4 rotor vane. Tis heli can bring a small digital camera and can fly at speeds of 20 miles per hour.

"Restaurants can be carried in a bag and can be prepared in a matter of seconds," says Petter Muren, carton manufacturers Prox Dynamics. "The heli will be helpful in this situation is critical and is used in combat situations or in a closed building. We will create a civil and a military version of Black Hornet, but it will only be sold to governments and intelligence agencies. "He said.

If something happens on the helicopter, such as the battery is broken or drop, do not worry. Some of the replacement can be done easily. The company provides standard package with three aircraft, a control pocket, and a charger

19 July 2009

The danger of Formaldehyde

Formalin is a trademark of formaldehyde (also called metanal), is aldehida, of gas. Formaldehyde is synthesized initially by Russian chemist, Aleksandr Butlerov year 1859, but identified by Hoffman year 1867.

Formaldehyde can be produced from burning materials containing carbon. Contented in smoke from forest fires, car exhaust and tobacco smoke. In the atmosphere of earth, the formaldehyde produced by the action of sunlight and oxygen to the methane and hidrocarbonmetabolitorganism, including humans. With others in the atmosphere. In the formaldehyde content also produced very small as most

Although the free formaldehyde in the air in gas form, but can be dissolved in water (usually sold in 37% solvent content using the trademark or formalin formol). In water, formaldehyde polimerisasi experience, very few existing in the form of monomer H2CO. Generally, this solution contains a few percent metanol to limit the polymerization. Formalin is formaldehyde solution in water, with the rate between 10% -40%.

Although formaldehyde show nature in general, such as chemical aldehyde, this compound more reactive than other aldehyde. Formaldehyde is elecktrofill, can be used in the aromatic substitution reaction elektrofilik and aromatic substance and may experience a reaction addition elektrofilik and alkena. Because the situation hydro catalyst, formaldehyde can produce an acid reaction Cannizaro format and metanol.

Formaldehyde can form a trimer cyclic, 1,3,5-trioksan or polymer linier polioksimetilen. Formation of this substance makes the behavior of formaldehyde gas is different from the ideal gas law, especially in high-pressure air or cold.
Formaldehyde can be oxidated by oxygen atmosphere clabber format, because the formaldehyde solution and diisolasi have to be closed so that air is not possessed.

The influence of the Board

Because formaldehyde resin used in construction materials such as plywood / triplex, carpet, and spray foam insulation and, because the resin and this release formaldehyde slowly, formaldehyde is a pollutant in the room which is often found. If the measure in the air more than 0.1 mg / kg, which is absorbed formaldehyde can cause an irritation of mukosa head membrane, which caused the water out the eyes, dizziness, sore throat, and mugginess.

If exposed to formaldehyde in the number of lots, terminum for example, can cause death. In the human body, formaldehyde is converted format so acid that increase the acidity of blood, draw a short breath, and often, hypothermia, also commas, or, to the death.
In the body, formaldehyde can tie DNA by protein, so that the genetic expression of normal. Animal experiments that suck formaldehyde steadily fell ill cancer in the nose and the throat, as well as experienced by employees cutting board articles. However, there are studies that show when the formaldehyde content in the less, as used in the building, does not cause influence carcinogenic against living creatures that are exposed to oxygen.

First occurs when the acute toxication
First depending on the concentration of liquids and symptoms experienced by the victims. Prior to the hospital, give active charcoal (norit) when available. Do not make the stimulus so that the victim vomits, because it will cause a risk of trauma to the corrosive channel digested over. Usually in the hospital medical team will perform Rinse stomach (gastric lavage), to give active charcoal (although the provision of active charcoal will disrupt vision at endoscopy). Endoscopic action is to diagnose the occurrence of trauma esofagus and digested channel. Formalin to increase the elimination of the body can be done hemodyalisis (wash the blood). This action is required if the victim shows signs acidosis metabolic weight

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18 July 2009

10 Scariest Creatures

1.Vampire Monkey
As we know about the vampire, the living vampire monkey depends suck blood from other creatures.
This unique creature does its activity using hands, as well as humans. This species are believed as the broken chain of the evolution of shaped like a human until now. The other Uniqueness of those monkey is, that they make a nest like bird does.

2. St. Helena Giant Earwig
The creatures which come from St Helena, has been suspected in some extinct a decade ago because of alleged international air port there. Scientists and entomologists who observe in the last few years, make the extinction of this species. Research led by Dr. Takeshi Yamada in 2005 found several new species of giant earwigs. This research is part of the program conducted in Coney Island University

3. Prehistoristic Horseshoe Crabs
Two new species of horseshoe crabs, supposedly living the period of prehistory around 400 million years ago. New this ancient crab is arrested by a team of researchers from the University of seabed Higashi Osaka Japan. There are still four species of crabs ancient are suspected life 250 million years ago

4. Human-Faced Ant
This creature is now in the medical museum in Coney Island

5. Giant Sea Dragon
This creature was found in the bottom of the sea island of Awaji. This has been suspected of being extinct in the early 20th century.

6. Giant chupacabras snail
The invention of Dr. Takeshi Yamada scandalize the other is a giant slug that is found from sea terdalam. Legs like chupacabra, because it is named darkanimal snail

7. Giant carnivorous snail
The other findings are the carnovorous snail which was found in early 2007. This snail also hs weapons that they say is very toxic death

8. Blue Merman
Similar with species of lizard or chameleon. This being also dangerous on the hands that can expand. When age was increasing, the stars will look like a frog

9. Two Headed-Baby
This two faced-Mummy baby is now in the medical museum in Coney Island Hospital

10. Fiji Mermaid
Fiji Mermaid 6 feet length is similar with a mermaid which was found Shikoku, Japan. Called Ningyo Shinko. Many Shinto and Buddhist come to pray in temple every day.

Increase Your Blog Traffic

Usually people make a blog to provide information to other people, while it will not materialize if the blog visitors quiet. There are several factors that cause, among others: blog has not yet been found by many people, the blog that is not user friendly, and the content (posts) are not interesting enough.

First, when the blog has not been found means that the implementation of SEO in the blog are not optimal, so averse to detect search engines and the results are still blank in the search list. So that the steady SEO you, please try again and learned to make posting SEO tips that cover problematic quite right keywords, optimizing a blog, post optimization, meta tags, links, and other tips. Then another variable why you have not found a blog can also be lazy because you walk to see and comment on another blog ( "blog walking").

Second, the view that blog seemed to fall apart and difficult to read and contains navigation menus that are difficult to understand. This is also affecting or not to be a visitor is in your blog for long time. Blog with a color that is good, but seemed disorganized and difficult to read also affect the number of visitors to your blog. Try to imagine, when you come to the blog optimization blog and you see a post in the sidebar or blog title and description to stray OB footer (so it is funny). In addition, The higher the level of difficulty of a navigation menu in the blog, the more reluctant visitor spend his time in the blog for long time. So essentially you have to set the blog layout is effective and efficient , so that visitors explore free contents of your blog without the means to meet obstacles.

Third, the content (posts) that may be less interesting by the tittle, posting the same content, and exact. Although the post was published by others, but when described with the words that will give a different value for you blog. Original impression will appear invisible, if a posting in the translated words of interest and bring a sense of calm in the heart and mind based on your own. But this should not even be the advice you so that one wishes to copy and paste other people posting. But how is that, if you can make your own posting results. And do not forget to continue to post to update you at least 2 (two) times in a week.

After reading the description above, it is clear that the quiet, or not depending on visitors to the blog and blog owner. If you blog to appear neat and trim, the visitor will be interested in itself. In addition to the blog owner who has a mind and heart pure bloggers, it will also create a dynamic atmosphere of harmony in the minds and hearts of readers.

Green Tea can reduce Breast Cancer? Really???

Perhaps most women have heard green tea to savor their breast health. However, perhaps some still doubting the truth. Now doubt has been missed. Compound in the green tea can protect from breast cancer attacks.
Green tea was very much beneficial for the health body, other than as mineral oil can also be as restorative ...??!! It was revealed from the beginning of the study conducted by some researchers the United States. In the experiment, they provide some green tea water to mice, while the other only obtain water.

In fact, rats that drink green tea benefit is brisk. Their breast tumor size and the decline the danger and also decreased compared with mice who only drink water. In addition, the mouse tumor and the tea growing more slowly and no longer attack tissues healthy.

Of course, these findings reinforce the presumption that the tea is very beneficial for women's breast health. What, based on the observations so far in the countries that consume green tea diligently every day, the level of female breast cancer is very low. For them, tea is considered as one of the healthy food.

In addition, the main researcher, Dr. Gail Sonenshein, even said that the tea has no harmful side effects. Therefore, people need not fear consume three to five cups tea per day. There is no problem if people diligently drinking green tea as a preventive step.

Lecturer in biochemistry from the Faculty of Medicine, Boston University this add, especially green tea may prevent breast cancer caused by environmental factors. However, he recommends that patients who are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy breast cancer should consult with a doctor before he tried to drink lots of tea.

According to a study published in the Journal of Cellular Biochemistry edition, July 2001, the womb polifenol compound which is very much a role in the tea is protective against cancer as. Polifenol are in a very powerful antioxidants. This compound will neutralize free radicals that cause cancer have become.
Form their own free radicals in the body naturally. This molecule can be harmful to human cells. People suspect that this is one of the molecular causes of cancer, including various types of other diseases such as heart disease.

According to these studies, green tea leaves that have been dried consists of 40% polifenol. In addition to fighting breast cancer, this substance can also believed to reduce the risk of stomach cancer, lung, colon, rectum, liver, and pancreas

Man Bears Two Babies???? Not Impossible. . . .

If God have said, anything can happen. In the United States a man birth a baby. The Man is pregnant twice already.

Last year, Thomas Beatie is appalling because of the birth of first child. Beatie is actually at this time are as man, but she still retains her female organs. He had a reconstruction operation virgin and testosteron therapy.

ABC News reported, and quoted AFP, wednesday (10/6/2009), the 35 years old man birth a his daughter in Oregon in July last year. On Tuesday he birth his son.

Once invited in talk shows Oprah Winfrey, Beatie became more popular and he was called "pregnant man".

"I think this is not the desire of men or women to have children. This man needs. I am human and have the right to have children biologically," said Beatie

The Greatest Old Lady

A grandmother aged 101 years old in London, still work for eight hours a day and six days in one weekend. Connie Brown, the name of the grandmother, working at fish shops own.

Store was founded by her husband, Sidney, in 1928. Brown skin every day, cut, and clean the fish. He claim to not enjoy their jobs and plan not to resign .Since her husband died in 1964, Brown lived in the Pembroke, West Wales, UK, assisted her son, Hilton (73).

"Many people suggest that age I enjoy a sunset, but what I do is the best and I love it. At the age of 100 years I consider myself still young," she said

17 July 2009

What is Hyperglycemia????

Hyperglycemia is the technical term for high blood glucose (sugar). High blood glucose happens when the body has too little, or not enough, insulin or when the body can't use insulin properly.

Hyperglycemia is a major cause of many of the complications that happen to people who have diabetes. For this reason, it's important to know what hyperglycemia is, what its symptoms are, and how to treat it.Hyperglycemia can be a serious problem if you don't treat it.

A number of things can cause hyperglycemia. For example, if you have type 1 diabetes, you may not have given yourself enough insulin. If you have type 2 diabetes, your body may have enough insulin, but it is not as effective as it should be.

The problem could be that you ate more than planned or exercised less than planned. The stress of an illness, such as a cold or flu, could also be the cause. Other stresses, such as family conflicts or school or dating problems, could also cause hyperglycemia.

What are the symptoms of hyperglycemia?

The signs and symptoms include: high blood glucose, high levels of sugar in the urine, frequent urination, and increased thirst.

Part of managing your diabetes is checking your blood glucose often. Ask your doctor how often you should check and what your blood glucose levels should be. Checking your blood and then treating high blood glucose early will help you avoid the other symptoms of hyperglycemia.

It's important to treat hyperglycemia as soon as you detect it. If you fail to treat hyperglycemia, a condition called ketoacidosis (diabetic coma) could occur. Ketoacidosis develops when your body doesn't have enough insulin. Without insulin, your body can't use glucose for fuel. So, your body breaks down fats to use for energy.

When your body breaks down fats, waste products called ketones are produced. Your body cannot tolerate large amounts of ketones and will try to get rid of them through the urine. Unfortunately, the body cannot release all the ketones and they build up in your blood. This can lead to ketoacidosis.

Ketoacidosis is life-threatening and needs immediate treatment. Symptoms include:

  • shortness of breath

  • breath that smells fruity

  • nausea and vomiting

  • a very dry mouth
  • Talk to your doctor about how to handle this condition
How do you treat hyperglycemia?

Often, you can lower your blood glucose level by exercising. However, if your blood glucose is above 240 mg/dl, check your urine for ketones. If you have ketones, do NOT exercise.

Exercising when ketones are present may make your blood glucose level go even higher. You'll need to work with your doctor to find the safest way for you to lower your blood glucose level.

Cutting down on the amount of food you eat might also help. Work with your dietitian to make changes in your meal plan. If exercise and changes in your diet don't work, your doctor may change the amount of your medication or insulin or possibly the timing of when you take it.

How do you prevent hyperglycemia?

Your best bet is to practice good diabetes management. The trick is learning to detect and treat hyperglycemia early -- before it can get worse.

16 July 2009

Laptops In the Future

Laptops are not a luxury, laptops have become the need for our activities do you particularly compact mobile. So which one do you want in the future? Just see the pictures below

Samsung Amoled

AMOLED is a concept notebook from Samsung do have a unique design, thin, and slippery. Also has a touch-sensitive keyboard.

Vaio Zoom

Zoom vaio notebook has a holographic glass screen transparent.


Main concept is a laptop from the Traveler GPS navigation system, with internal storage for photos / data and also a built-in function Geotag so you always know where you take a photo.

Canova Dual Screen

Canova Dual Screen Laptop has a two-screen, multi touch screen and very easy to use. Not only can be used to handle the computing tasks you everyday, but can also be used to read the article in the laptop.

Canvas Laptop
Canvas is a futuristic laptop concept that is used to provide a better quality of the designers with the features of the touchscreen is very thin.


Concept laptop Compenion made by Felix Schmidberger consists of two sliding OLED screen, which is one of them can be used as a keyboard.

LG Ecological

The concept of ecological LG laptop using fuel cell batteries and features organic display technology (OLED), the concept of this laptop to receive Red Dot Award for best design concept.

Mac Tab

The superiority of MacTab laptop is a thin wireless keyboard.

MacBook 0801

0801 Macbook laptop concept by Isamu Sanada version hitamnya like Macbook Air. This laptop has a keyboard and ultra thin design that is very slippery.


DesCom basically two in one concept laptop seamlessly integrated in the table.

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