30 November 2009

No more Bad Signal for Television

In this era, television (TV) is no longer luxurious thing. Because everybody in this world must have it in their home, room, car and maybe in their bathroom. The question is, why must TV be owned by everyone? Is so important? Are everybody will die if there is no more television in this world??? There is a simple answer for that. “No”...

So if the answer is “No”, why must TV be owned by everyone? The right answer is again and again so simple, Because TV is fun right?? Ha..ha..ha.. So simple.

Nobody in this world doesn’t like watching TV. Including me myself, I love watching TV. I have favorite TV program and I always watch them every time they are broadcast. And you know, the condition that I hate the most is, when I’m watching TV, my TV Signal is LOST!!! Ouch.. It’s so embarrassing

It often happened to me when I still used my old TV satellite. But one day I felt so enough with condition, then I listened that there is one great TV satellite, it’s Satellite Directv. Then I search in Google and it showed me the site of this Direct TV.

Actually there are many TV program that I love so much, such as Take me Out reality show or Are you smarter than the fifth grader quiz. Wow.. I never thought that I can watch my favorite TV program so clearly. And I’m sure that this all is because of DirectTV.

Okay... Here I’m just sharing for you all, who are also a TV lover and wanna be like my condition right now, why don’t you just try this great Direct TV Satellite? Because I think this is the best Direct Satellite TV I’ve ever found and I’m sure that nobody loves a bad signal when watching TV right???

20 November 2009

It will Prevent You from HIV AIDS

As of this moment, there are no known vaccine to prevent HIV infection and no cure for AIDS. But it’s possible to protect yourself and others from infection. That means educating yourself about HIV and avoiding any behavior that allows HIV-infected fluids — blood, semen, vaginal secretions and breast milk — into your body.

If you are HIV-negative, the following precaution measures can help keep you from being infected with HIV:

  • Educate yourself and others. Make sure you understand what HIV is and how the virus is transmitted.
  • Know the HIV status of any sexual partner. Don’t engage in unprotected sex.
  • Use a new latex or polyurethane condom every time you have sex. If you don’t know the HIV status of your partner, use a new latex condom every time you have a sexual intercourse.
  • Consider male circumcision. A large study in 2006 by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) showed that medically performed circumcision significantly reduced a man’s risk of acquiring HIV through heterosexual intercourse. The study, conducted in Kenya, showed a 53 percent reduction of HIV infection in circumcised HIV-negative men compared with uncircumcised men in the study. The outcome was heralded by the NIH as good news not only because it reduced the number of HIV-infected men, but also because it could lead to fewer infections among women in areas of the world where HIV is spread primarily through heterosexual intercourse.
  • Use a clean needle. If you use a needle to inject drugs, make sure it’s sterile, and don’t share it. Take advantage of needle exchange programs in your community and consider seeking help for your drug use.
  • Be cautious about blood products in certain countries. Although the blood supply in the United States is now well screened, this isn’t always the case in other countries. If an emergency requires that you receive blood or blood products in another country, get tested for HIV as soon as you return home.
  • Get regular screening tests. If you are a woman, have a yearly Pap test. And if you’re a man or woman who has had sex with one or more new partners, be tested annually. Men and women who engage in anal sex should also have regular tests for anal cancer.

18 November 2009

How to keep and protect your Laptop Battery

Maybe your being online with your laptop rightnow,,
And you love your laptop soooo much right?? Imagine if your lovely laptop is broken by only a little factor! It'll be so embarrassing aight??

Okay, in order to avoid your embarrassment about that, I'll give you some info how to keep you

Do not bring a beverage or liquid with a laptop, if spilled into the laptop it can cause the
components of your laptop will be broken up

2. Do not put a laptop with a magnetic field source, such as TV, Speaker Active, Radio Tape, or phone. Magnetic field will affect mainly the laptop hard drive components.

3. If you bring a laptop to be put into a special bag. Laptop bag made so that the laptop casing is not easily scratched with objects in the vicinity or may even reduce small shocks. If you need to periodically clean the casing with a cloth / cloth that can be purchased at computer stores.

4. Do not move, move the laptop while still alive. Laptops are also living means working hard drive so that when driven can cause cylinder head scratched disk that could be fatal.

5. Use stavolt or stabilizer. When using electricity directly, be sure to use stavolt / stabilizer or UPS to anticipate the ups and downs of the electric voltage.

I hope those all will be able to help you to keep your laptop healthy. . .

15 November 2009

Being Prestigious with Gold

Nowadays, so many collector can be found in this world. They often collect rare-stuffs or expensive-stuff. Such as many kinds of stone, postage stamp, dagger and many more. I think there is one thing that’s so prestigious to be collected. You know what?? It’s gold..

Everyone loves everything’s expensive. But they sometimes they think, how if it’s resold?? The cost will be decreased so fast right?? But it’s not for gold. Gold has price that is longer you save that, more expensive it will be...

So I suggest you, if you are so interesting in collecting something, you better collect Gold. And you know, where you can find a real gold?? You better check this Gold site, cause they not only have gold bars, but they also have many kinds of Gold coin from various city.

Spa in your home???

Last sunday I was asked by my friend to go our favorite spas center. Yeah we’re two people who love hot-tubbing every weekend. But sometimes I think it was so wasteful going there every week. Not only wasting time, but also wasting money right? Cause I spend much money every time I go there. So I searched for conclusion, in order that I still get my hobby and I mustn’t spend so much money. But how??

Then I talked to my friend about that, and the fact is my friend also feels that. So why?? Then I asked Google about our problem. And you know, I got a site that offers Hot tubs with very low-cost. They not just only sells inexpensive spas, but also with a great quality. Ohoo... we gotta solve our problem! Then the next day, i ordered one for me. And then I asked my friend whether he wants it. My friend’s response is so happy I heard, Yeah imagine! You have your own Spas in your home with very low cost.

Okay now, I always stay home ever weekend just enjoying my own Hot tubs. I think if you also crazy about Spas, but you’re a busy person, you better check that site.

A must for TV freak

Everybody knows Oprah Winfrey show, Heroes Serial TV or a great quiz like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. They are some of the most famous TV program in the world , and I know many people love it, including me... And You gotta know that I always watch them every time they’re broadcast. And it’s fun for me.

I used to hate watching TV, although all my favorite is being broadcast. You know why?? It’s because of my TV signal lost by bad weather and my old TV antenna is winded. Then I looked for a new TV satellite, and my friend told me for visiting Direct satellite TV site. I was wondered, why did my friend tell me to visit this site and why not the other site or the other TV satellite shop? And I got my own answer by visiting this site. Direct TV offers great quality TV satellite and they always keep their good reputation. In fact, I always still enjoy my TV program in spite of bad weather, or also my antenna is moved.

I realize that I’m a TV freak because of Direct TV satellite. There’s no TV program I can’t watch since I use it. If you are also a TV freak,why don’t you also try Diret TV? And I’m also sure that all TV freak will choose a bright TV signal right??

I hope my story will be useful for you to increase your information. Ohoo, I forgot to tell you, 2 weeks later I will join Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, please make a pray for me and watch me with a bright TV signal okay. . . .

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