25 March 2010

5 Best Discotheque ever in the world

Ibiza has the largest nightclubs in the world. Those who really want to discover what the night life in freedom invited to discover the latest trends in electric, house and trance music.

Halikarnas, Turkey is the only club in the world founded by the Roman style, where the party took place in the open and fresh air to invite you to have more fun.

Miniscule of Sound, London is a club night for couples or for those who love the intimacy, in the truest sense of the term. It is also the world's smallest disco nightclub.

Light is everything, the Reina Bruja, Madrid has a combined use of light, color and curves that make the changes constantly.

Located in Santo Domingo, Guacara Taina is actually a cave, and this is one of the oldest clubs in the world. Familiarity settings, which is located at several meters below ground, offering pleasant one.

Whatever you say,,, they are 5 Greatest , coolest, or best Discotheque ever in the world

24 March 2010

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22 March 2010

What is hydrocephalus / hidrosefalus ??

I. Definition
Hydrocephalus is a pathological disorder of the brain that result in increased cerebrospinal fluid with or had a raised intracranial pressure, so there is widening of the ventricles. Ventricular dilation is due to an imbalance between production and absorption of cerebrospinal fluid. Always be secondary hydrocephalus, as a result of disease or brain damage. The existence of these disorders cause a large head and suture. The suture widening and the crown.

II. Epidemiology
Incidence of hydrocephalus between 0,2-4 every 1000 births. The incidence of congenital hydrocephalus is 0,5-1,8 on every 1000 births and 11% -43% stenosis caused by cerebral aqueductus. There was no significant difference in incidence for both sexes, also in terms of racial differences. Hydrocephalus can occur at any age. In Adolescents and adults more often caused by Toxoplasmosis. Infantile hydrocephalus; 46% is due to abnormalities in brain development, 50% for subaraknoid hemorrhage and meningitis, and less than 4% due to posterior fossa tumors.

III. Etiology
Hydrocephalus occurs when there is blockage of the flow of cerebrospinal fluid (CSL) in one place between the formation of CSL in the ventricular system and the absorption in subarachnoid space. Due to blockage, dilation occurs above room CSL. Theoretical formation of CSL too much with an abnormal absorption rate will lead to hydrocephalus, but the clinic is extremely rare. The cause of the CSL flow blockage often occurs in Infants and children is:

1) Congenital abnormalities (Congenital)
a. Stenosis akuaduktus Sylvii
b. Spina bifida and Cranium bifida
c. Dandy-Walker syndrome
d. Arachnoids Cysts and vascular anomalies

2) Infection
Infection can occur meningen attachment. In pathological tissue thickening seen araknoid around piamater and sisterna basalis and other areas. Other causes are infection Toxoplasmosis.

3) Neoplasm
Hydrocephalus by mechanical obstruction can occur at any place of the flow of CSL. Most children who cause obstruction or IV ventricle akuaduktus Sylvii last part of a glioma is usually derived from the cerebellum, clogging the front of the ventricle due kraniofaringioma III.

4) Bleeding
Bleeding before and after birth in the brain, can cause fibrosis leptomeningen especially in the basal region of the brain, other than due to blockage of the blood of the organization's own

19 March 2010

What is Steven - Johnson syndrome (SJS , SSJ) ??

Steven-Johnson syndrome (SJS , SSJ) is a collection of clinical symptoms mukokutaneus eruption characterized by a triad vesikulobulosa disorders of the skin, mucous orifice of the eyes accompanied by severe general symptoms. The synonym include: syndrome de Friessinger-Rendu, erythema multiform major eksudativum, erythema poliform bulosa, syndrome-kutaneo MUKO-ocular, dermatostomatitis, etc..

SJS Etiology determined with any certainty is difficult, because the causes of various factors, although in general is often associated with immune response to the drug. Several factors cause SJS including: infections (viruses, fungi, bacteria, parasites), drugs (salicylates, sulfa, penicillin, etambutol, tegretol, tetracyclines, digitalis, contraceptives), food (chocolate), physical (cold air, sunlight, X-rays), etc. (polagen disease, malignancy, pregnancy). Pathogenesis SJS until now not yet clear, although often associated with type III hypersensitivity reactions (immune complex reaction) caused by a
complex of soluble antigens or metabolites with IgM and IgG antibodies and hypersensitivity reactions slow (delayed-type hypersensitivity reactions, type IV) is a reaction mediated by specific T lymphocytes.

Diagnosis directed to the appropriate manifestation of the triad of skin disorders, mucosa, eye, and its relationship to factors that cause clinically there is a target-shaped lesions, or eye sliced beef, abnormalities in the mucosa, fever. Also supported by laboratory tests including peripheral blood examination, examination immunologic, breeding germs and the resistance of the blood test and the lesion, and examination of skin biopsy hystopatologik. Anemia can be found in cases with severe bleeding, leukocytes are usually normal or slightly elevated, there is increased oenophiles. IgG and IgM levels can be high, C3 and C4 are normal or slightly decreased and can be detected circulating immune complexes. Skin biopsy was planned if there is no classic lesions. Imunoflurosesensi director can help diagnose atypical cases.

16 March 2010

10 endangered animals of extinction

Black-Feet weasel
Plain area located in North America
Amount remaining: about 1000
The only native ferret is one of the most endangered mammals. In 1986, there only 18 individuals remaining.

there are in Nigeria and Cameroon
Amount remaining: less than 300
The idea for memunahkannya the 80s, this species began to be handled now. Hunted for meat and by the development group, it may not last long.

Gold-Headed Langur
found in Vietnam
Amount remaining: less than 70
It all but wiped out, primates are placed under protection in 2000. They live in danger, but in 2003 it has increased for the first time in a decade

Sumatran tiger
located in Sumatra, Indonesia
Amount remaining: less than 600
This small tigers live only in Sumatra over millions of years, made it difficult to escape the human expansion. Many surviving tigers living in the reserve, but the approximately 100 who live outside the boundaries of the protected area.

Borneo pygmy elephants
located in North Borneo
Amount remaining: about 1500
Shorter than the Asian elephant approximately 20 inches. (50 cm), Borneo pygmy elephant also more benign.

Giant Panda
there are in China, Burma, Vietnam
Amount remaining: less than 2000
Loss of habitat and distribution is a dangerous state of panda-panda. Livestock prisoners and special protection to help the panda survive.

Javan Rhino
found in Indonesia and Vietnam
Amount remaining: less than 60
Maybe this is the rarest large mammals. Horns valued by poachers, and the woods appreciated by the developer.

Polar bears
located in the Arctic polar circle
Amount remaining: less than 25,000
Human development and poaching have long threatened polar bears, but climate change and loss of sea ice is now pushing into the critical list.

located in the Gulf of California.
Amount remaining: 200 to 300
One of the rarest in the world Cetacean, Vaquita threatened by the limited space and pleasure with pemburu2 with nets to catch fish.

Mekong Giant Catfish
located in the Mekong region, Southeast Asia
Amount remaining: hundreds
Appreciated for the very large size (the largest ever caught 646 lb., Or 293 kg), now protected in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, but the fishing continues.

13 March 2010

10 Haunted Hotel in America

Ramada Plaza Hotel
Rumor had it that Walter Schoreder (hotel owner) was murdered, and his spirit haunts visitors interfere with the faucet turned on, lights, yelling, and reveal themselves.

Queen Mary Hotel
is a floating city flooded with great elegance, with a strong mystical atmosphere.
listed on the National Register Historic Places, and also remains one of the most famous places in california.

Guests of the Hotel Queen Mary who dared to accept the challenge by the Self-Guided Tour Shipwalk.

Many strange events and tapping noises, voices without bodies, and the appearance of a ghost walking in the hallways and stairs have been reported by staff, visitors, and researchers in the ship docked.

crescent Hotel
The guests have reported many sightings and other strange happenings in a number of guest rooms, lobby, and dining room.

You do not need to live in a haunted room to see a real ghost in the Crescent Hotel
Outdoor Recreation, ghost of Dr. Norman Baker often appears, he ran a controversial hospital and health resort in the building during the 1930s. Many people believe that the springs flowing beneath the hotel is an attractive energy of a ghost sightings.

Is this a publicity trick to help the hotel's nearly bankrupt? It could, but this hotel really start doing business properly before the ghost appear

Sagamore Hotel
Located in the Adirondack Mountains unspoiled, Sagamore features the Historic Hotel, with elegant decor, and The Lodges, decorated in a relaxed style of Adirondack style.
Many golfers say that ghosts imaginable disisni stole their golf balls and their dates, and you can hear him laugh out loud. They say she'll chase the ball and steal your woman from behind a tree.

Heathman Hotel

Room 703 is the most haunted places. Guests who leave the room will be surprised to find a towel used getting clean back, a glass of water out, tables and chairs move by themselves. of record Hotels reperts that no one uses an electronic key to enter the room. but this incident happened too often to be assumed as a prankster

Stanley Hotel

Hotel, which opened in 1909, haunted by Flora Stanley, the wife of the hotel owner, who likes to play the piano late at night. Often seen his spirit is said to haunt the visitors and migrant.

Le Pavilion Hotel

many strange noises at night, inarticulate, and often the appearance of a figure standing at the foot of her bed guests. Coverlets Sheets and lifted into the air, from the afternoon until after midnight.

Hotel Del Coronado

The most famous legends and ghost stories in this hotel is the ghost of Kate Morgan, who stayed at this hotel in 1892 to meet with the husband's reply was lost.

Provincial Hotel
Many ghost hunters and guests come just to hear the stories about ghost stories about this hotel. and the ghost hunters come here purposely to prove with their own eyes.

Carolina Inn
Often followed by a guest to tell a man who disappeared when they turned to face him. Staff and guests are also told that the appearance of a man, wearing a black suit wearing a knitted hat, long blue Parker-style coat is often scared them

12 March 2010

Knowing the full tilt poker referral code use

Do you love to play poker? Firstly, do you know what the Full Tilt Poker Referral Code? You see, they offer what is known as the Full Tilt referral code that allows you to receive bonuses and prizes throughout your time with FTP. In order to be able to take advantage of bonuses offered by using the referral code, you should know that you will need to use the correct code when you register your account.

When you sign up using the Full Tilt Poker referral code, they will give you 100% Full Tilt Poker Bonus up to $ 600 in your first deposit. Then you will begin to get the second you start playing poker. You'll also be rewarded and able to play in a special tournament. Only players had the code that can play this tournament. Then the code in money bonus credited to your poker account as you earn points from playing poker at Full Tilt. Therefore, you do not have to wait until you clear the entire amount before you get all.

You need to know that reference code can only be credited to your account when you first sign up with your FTP account so if you already have an account then you will not be able to use it. If you are a new poker player though, then you will be able to use referral code during sign-ups. I am sure you will get a nice bonus and the possibility of potential to play at special events.

10 March 2010

5 President with The Highest Salary

From Singapore

Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong
2,47 M USD Per year -> 32,8 B IDR -> 2,7 M Per Month

From Hongkong

Heads of Government of Hong Kong Donald Tsang Yum-Kuen
516.000 USD Per year-> 5,9 B IDR -> 494 M Per month

Dari Amerika

U.S. President Barack Obama
400.000 USD Per year -> 4,6 B IDR -> 383 M Per month

From Irlandia

Prime Minister of Ireland Brian Cowen
USD 341.000 Per year -> 3,9 B IDR -> 326 M Per month

From France

France President Nicholas Sarkozy
USD 318.000 per year -> 3,6 B IDR -> 304 M Per month

07 March 2010

Olympus Mons - The Biggest Mountain in the Solar System

Olympus Mons, is the largest mountain Mars is also the largest mountain in the solar system we are.
This mountain rises to the height reaches 27 km and has a diameter of 550 km. At the foot, Olympus Mons surrounded by steep cliffs with a minimum altitude of 6 km. At the peak, the mountain has a 85 km diameter crater.

It's still bigger than 3 x mount Everest

Mount largest diameter of the earth is the mountain Mauna Loa (Hawaii) which has a diameter along the 120 km. Compare with a diameter of Olympus Mons (550 km).

04 March 2010

Wat Pa Maha Kaew - temple of bottle

Wat Pa Maha Kaew in Thailand, the temple built from millions of bottles of various forms. Starting from the year 1984 in which the preacher pastor buddha collecting unique bottle to decorate their temples. Collection bottle which was then set turned out to be interesting sights.

Wat Pa Maha Kaew was decided to build a temple from a collection numbering bottle so much, any shape and color variety. This situation led to the temple to visitors contributed their bottles .From collected millions of bottles that eventually follows a temple built supporting structure. Even the bottle, who became the main decoration in Wat Pa Maha Kaew temple. What a unique and interesting sights.

This unique Wat Pa Maha Kaew-temple is in Siasaket province, 370 miles north of the capital of Thailand. The number of bottles for the development of the whole complex to reach 1.5 million bottles. Including the solarium, crematory and even toilets are made entirely from the bottle.

Now you can imagine,
Thailand people are creative,
in order that, they can built this Wat Pa Maha Kaew temple

01 March 2010

Kinds and Function of Chocolate

Chocolate is the name for the food prepared from cocoa beans. Chocolate is generally given as a gift or gifts at holidays. With the shape, style, and unique taste, chocolate is often used as an expression of gratitude, sympathy, or attention. Even as a declaration of love. Chocolate also has become one of the most popular flavors in the world, as well as a chocolate bar most commonly consumed, chocolate is also the subject of warm and cold drinks

Couverture chocolate is the best kind. This pure chocolate with a percentage kakaonya high fat, resulting in a very good flavor. Usually used for making hand-made chocolate products. Before use, this type of chocolate through the process of temper (melt) first.

This type of good chocolate is used for cookies, cakes, and various other snacks. The percentage of cocoa mass varied between 30-70 percent. The higher concentration of cocoa mass, the better its flavor.

Type of this chocolate is a mixture of sugar, cocoa, melted chocolate, milk, and vanilla. This type of chocolate consumed at most. Kakaonya mass low enough, only 20 percent and it is sweeter than plain chocolate. Chocolate is certainly a favorite of children because it can be directly consumed by a sweet taste. Content of milk makes sense to be more gentle. If you want to make a cake, this type of chocolate is not a good choice. Apart from relatively small content of chocolate, chocolate is easily burned when melted.

White chocolate generally does not contain a high cocoa mass. In addition to direct consumption, white chocolate is often used for decoration. Chocolate is made from chocolate fat, sugar, and vanilla that does not contain cocoa solids. Because easy charred, it's good cooked carefully.

This one chocolate products made from cocoa mass after fat kakaonya separated. This product is very easy to be processed and economical. Can be found in shops around where you live.

Liquid chocolate is a product of beverages containing cocoa mass and contain high sugar levels. Sugar levels, so-called ringleaders weight increased.

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