17 December 2009

Tips - How to keep your car paint

Tips How to Keep Car Paint

Guessing the age of a car from the paint color can be done, although it's not very accurate, but we can guess the age of a car that color the paint is faded old car. The process of color fading and degradation of car paint color is a natural thing. Some causes include Ultra Violet rays (UV) and chemicals.

1. Chemicals
The cause of this one is often not realized by users of vehicles because they lack information. Chemicals can damage the car paint color is usually due to touch the body in the form of our vehicles are already familiar. such as air pollutants, bird droppings, insects, car polishes, salt, and others.

2. Air Pollutants
As you already know that the air contains chemicals in gas form. Particularly high environmental pollution in the air like some big cities , the content of nitric acid (HNO3) fairly high. Nitric acid is corrosive paint your car either in the form of gas or liquid (as carried by rain).

3. Bird droppings
Bird droppings stuck to the body of the car is easy to clean if it is still wet, but we often underestimate or do not have time to get clean. Which are difficult to clean when it had dried feces, careful when cleaning bird droppings have dried and become hard, if not to scratch the paint when cleaning your car.

4. Car polisher
Although intended to lighten the color of the paint, but you have to be careful in using car polish for polishing the workings of the many outstanding car market with a coat of paint scraped using abrasive materials. These materials can cause reduced age of the paint. Therefore, as much as possible avoid using a car polish.

5. Salt
Salt content is high enough to be dangerous waters, because the salt will accelerate the corrosion process

Tips for Care:

1. To avoid the UV rays too much, so best to park your vehicle in the shade and blocked from direct sunlight, if it would leave the car for a long time in a place exposed to direct sunlight, you'll want to cover your car with car cover.

2. Wash the car regularly.
It is better to wash the car at least 2 weeks to avoid the accumulation of pollutants and chemicals that can damage your car paint color. And use a special soap to wash the car with a pH Ballance, and do not wash the car with dishwashing soap because it will erode the layer (coating) paint your car.

3. Give Wax coating
The use of wax is very good because the paint will protect the car from UV rays and other pollutants. Perform regular waxing about 2-3 months to membarikan extra protection.

If you follow Those tips well, your car will always looks cool and beautiful


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