13 February 2010

My Data Card Is Broken

Everyone has a digital camera or device nowadays, allowing them to record those wonderful moments. It seems it gets easier all the time to lose pictures, either by deleting the wrong files or by data cards breaking. One frequently asked a question how to save a data from the broken data card?

Well most of the time the answer is possibly. When your datacard is broken, it stands less of a chance of recovery. The datacards have such as delicate components and the smallest thing could lead to the loss of saved data. There are more or less your potions. Based on how a data card is actually broken, can determine whether or not an easy out will be available.

Some ways to recover the lost files are – download recovery software, take it to a photography developing place, or perhaps to a Radio Shack dealer or similar specialty shop. I suggest you simply try to download a free data recovery program at home first. There’s nothing to lose, except the high costs of paying someone to do it for you. Data recovery software is a non destructive and read only utility that enables you to recover lost images, music, video files, and other office documents from your data card.

Taking the data card to a nearest photo developer may be an affordable option as well. You may simply walk in and ask if they can pull up anything. They may have a more advanced way of recovering your data. Now you don’t have to worry if your data card is broken.


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