10 March 2010

5 President with The Highest Salary

From Singapore

Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong
2,47 M USD Per year -> 32,8 B IDR -> 2,7 M Per Month

From Hongkong

Heads of Government of Hong Kong Donald Tsang Yum-Kuen
516.000 USD Per year-> 5,9 B IDR -> 494 M Per month

Dari Amerika

U.S. President Barack Obama
400.000 USD Per year -> 4,6 B IDR -> 383 M Per month

From Irlandia

Prime Minister of Ireland Brian Cowen
USD 341.000 Per year -> 3,9 B IDR -> 326 M Per month

From France

France President Nicholas Sarkozy
USD 318.000 per year -> 3,6 B IDR -> 304 M Per month


Perl said...

Not really. I have heard that Kuwait president Shiekh Sabah recieves 200 Million USD per year so he would be in the first place.

Buy Generic Viagra said...

I thought that US president had the highest salary of all the presidents in the world.

xlpharmacy said...

What a lucky people, I've also wanted to know what they do in their positions, because they earn a lot of money I suppose they should work a lot.

Anonymous said...

My salary is per years 3000 us dolsr

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