18 August 2009

Hepatitis B [part 2]

Hepatitis B is one of the diseases that are dangerous world, this disease is caused by Hepatitis B virus (VHB), which attacks the liver and cause acute liver inflammation or chronic. Things such as Hepatitis C, both the disease can become chronic and eventually become the heart of cancer. Hepatitis B infection process, namely through the exchange of body fluids or in contact with blood from people infected with Hepatitis B.

While some of the things which the pattern of transmission of infection from another mother to baby during birth, sexual relations, blood transfusion, syringe, and the use of self-cleaning equipment (toothbrushes, towels) together. Hepatitis B can attack anyone, but usually for those who are productive will be more exposed to risk of this disease.

1. Symptoms of Hepatitis B
In particular the signs and symptoms of acute hepatitis B is a fever, and yellow belly (especially in the area of the white). But for people with hepatitis B will chronicles tend not appear signs, so the infection to other people to be more at risk.

2. Handling of Medicine and Hepatitis B
People suspected of Hepatitis B, for the certainty of the diagnosis will check the blood. After the diagnosis is decided as Hepatitis B, there is a treatment for hepatitis B, swallow the medication (oral) and the injection.
a. Oral treatment that is popular;
- Provision of drugs Lamivudine group nucleotide analog, which is known as 3TC. This medication is used for adults and children, drug use is likely to increase liver enzyme (ALT) to get the patient monitored from doctors.
- Giving medicine Adefovir dipivoxil (Hepsera). Provision of oral will be more effective, but with the provision of a high dose will give bad effect on kidney function.
- The drug Baraclude (Entecavir). This medicine is given on the chronicles of Hepatitis B, the side effects of this drug is headache, dizziness, tired, nausea, and liver enzyme was increasing. The optimal level and stability of this drug is not yet stable, it is said.

b. Treatment with the injection / injection is;
Giving injections Microsphere particles containing radioactive radiant ß will destroy cancer cells without damage to the heart healthy in the surrounding network. Interferon Alfa injection (with the branch name INTRON A, INFERGEN, ROFERON) subcutan given in the scale of 3 times per week for 12-16 weeks or more. Side effects of this medication is depression, particularly in patients who have depression, previous history. Other effects is a pain in the musculature, tired quickly and cause a little fever that it can be removed with the paracetamol.

Prevention measures to avoid the disease is the provision of Hepatitis B vaccine, especially in those exposed to high-risk viruses, such as those less well do sex (change-change pair / homosexual), health care workers (nurses and doctors) and their who are vulnerable in many cases Hepatitis B.


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