14 August 2009

What's Pneumonia

Pneumonia is an inflammation or infection of the disease in the organs of the lungs caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites in which the pulmonary alveolus (alveoli) responsible to absorb oxygen from the atmosphere to "inflame" and occupied by fluid. Pneumonia can be caused by chemical or physical irritation of the lungs or as a result of other diseases, such as lung cancer or too much alcohol. However, it is the most common attacks bacteria streptococcus pneumoniae or pneumococcal.

Pneumonia diseases often affects most of the information age (elderly) and those who have the disease as a result of damage to chronicle body's immune system (immune), but pneumonia can also attack the young servant well healthy. Currently, the world disease pneumonia have been reported to be among the main diseases childhood and is a serious disease that meragut lives beribu thousands of older people each year.

# Handling of Medicine and pneumonia disease

Handling and treatment of pneumonia depends on the level of illness and symptoms that arise from the type of pneumonia itself.
1. Pneumonia caused by bacteria will be given antibiotic treatment. Treatment should be fully up to complete really no longer any symptoms or results of X-ray examination and sputum did not reveal more of the bacteria pneumonia, if not then a while back will be suffered pneumonia.

2. Pneumonia caused by the virus will be given treatment similar to the flu sufferer, but is more emphasized with sufficient rest and adequate fluid intake and a lot of good nutrition to help the recovery of the body resistance.

3. Pneumonia caused by the fungus will get treatment with the anti-fungi.

Besides giving medication to help reduce pain, fever and headache. The provision of anti-drug (press) with the cough at the recommended dose is low enough to make people be able to sleep a rest, Because cough will also help the process of cleaning secretion mucosa (ripple / sputum) in lungs.

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