18 July 2009

10 Scariest Creatures

1.Vampire Monkey
As we know about the vampire, the living vampire monkey depends suck blood from other creatures.
This unique creature does its activity using hands, as well as humans. This species are believed as the broken chain of the evolution of shaped like a human until now. The other Uniqueness of those monkey is, that they make a nest like bird does.

2. St. Helena Giant Earwig
The creatures which come from St Helena, has been suspected in some extinct a decade ago because of alleged international air port there. Scientists and entomologists who observe in the last few years, make the extinction of this species. Research led by Dr. Takeshi Yamada in 2005 found several new species of giant earwigs. This research is part of the program conducted in Coney Island University

3. Prehistoristic Horseshoe Crabs
Two new species of horseshoe crabs, supposedly living the period of prehistory around 400 million years ago. New this ancient crab is arrested by a team of researchers from the University of seabed Higashi Osaka Japan. There are still four species of crabs ancient are suspected life 250 million years ago

4. Human-Faced Ant
This creature is now in the medical museum in Coney Island

5. Giant Sea Dragon
This creature was found in the bottom of the sea island of Awaji. This has been suspected of being extinct in the early 20th century.

6. Giant chupacabras snail
The invention of Dr. Takeshi Yamada scandalize the other is a giant slug that is found from sea terdalam. Legs like chupacabra, because it is named darkanimal snail

7. Giant carnivorous snail
The other findings are the carnovorous snail which was found in early 2007. This snail also hs weapons that they say is very toxic death

8. Blue Merman
Similar with species of lizard or chameleon. This being also dangerous on the hands that can expand. When age was increasing, the stars will look like a frog

9. Two Headed-Baby
This two faced-Mummy baby is now in the medical museum in Coney Island Hospital

10. Fiji Mermaid
Fiji Mermaid 6 feet length is similar with a mermaid which was found Shikoku, Japan. Called Ningyo Shinko. Many Shinto and Buddhist come to pray in temple every day.


Iovaros said...

i think that all this are fake! by photosop! expect for some pics

Ryu36 said...

Actually it's a real news,,
no edit, no Hoax..
Cause several months ago,, I watched my TV then i also saw a news about several creatures above,,, so i think it's REAL...

Anonymous said...

Do you have copy writer for so good articles? If so please give me contacts, because this really rocks! :)

Anonymous said...

Amiable post and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you for your information.

Anonymous said...

it is cool in a way and also scary at the same time.........maybe it just got to show us how much we know about our world....... which we know very little of.........

Anonymous said...

this is really cool, I like here!

Anonymous said...

Is Bigfoot Actual or factitious? For over four hundred a long time, there have already been reporting’s of a man like creature which is absolutely covered in hair.

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