18 July 2009

Man Bears Two Babies???? Not Impossible. . . .

If God have said, anything can happen. In the United States a man birth a baby. The Man is pregnant twice already.

Last year, Thomas Beatie is appalling because of the birth of first child. Beatie is actually at this time are as man, but she still retains her female organs. He had a reconstruction operation virgin and testosteron therapy.

ABC News reported, and quoted AFP, wednesday (10/6/2009), the 35 years old man birth a his daughter in Oregon in July last year. On Tuesday he birth his son.

Once invited in talk shows Oprah Winfrey, Beatie became more popular and he was called "pregnant man".

"I think this is not the desire of men or women to have children. This man needs. I am human and have the right to have children biologically," said Beatie


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