23 July 2009

Kinds Of Antibody

God had made so many creatures in this world, such as human, animal, plant and also virus.
Virus is one of bad creature, which can attack animal, plant and humans' body.

In the human body has also been given the form of preparation of troops ready for combat against the virus or bacteria and parasites cause disease so the body's immune system is produced. This army is cell-Limfosit B cells (B cells) generated by the spinal marrow, which produces cell limfosit this weapon is called antibody. Antibody is composed on the protein-protein called immunoglobuline IG abbreviated. In addition, be by the human body's immune system not only viruses, and parasites bacteria course, but also include cell-cell tumor or cancer.

Immunoglobuline has a very important role for the human body's immune system. Viruses, bacteria and parasites cause disease is also called antigen. When antigen enters the human body, IG will be attached on the surface of the antigen and help to destroy it.

There's 5 types ofImmunoglobuline, they are IgG, Iga, IgM, IgD, and IgE. Here is the function of each antibody is:

1. IgG, the most widely found in the blood (about 80%) and has a strong effect most likely to go against the antigen. IgG is the only antibody that can penetrate placenta pregnant women because of the size of the protein is very small, so the fetus can be protected from possible infection.

2. IgA, there are many in the mucosa area , such as respiratory channel and channel urinal. Work to prevent terkumpulnya antigen.

3. IgM, eliminatethe antigen before there are a lot of IgG.

4. IgD, its main function is antigen receptor or in other words as the introduction of antigen by cell B.

5. IgE, a role in allergic events. Also helps fight infection in the worms.


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