24 July 2009

Taking a Nap is good for our Heart

Not many are aware, taking a nap can help decrease the risk of death, especially in the able-bodied young men. Research conducted by scientists during the Greek period is the six-year siesta for about 30 minutes at least three times a week have a 37 percent risk of experiencing interference lower heart disease.
Experts reveal siesta relax to help people and reduce their stress levels, heart disturbances and even smaller countries are found in routine siesta, although some studies show different results.

Research carried out in Greece this is done on men and 23,681 women in the age range 20 to 86 years. The participants have a record of good health, without a history of suffering from heart disease and other acute diseases.

In six years of study, the participants requested information on their lunch hour to sleep, eating patterns and physical activity routine that they do.

Result, the researchers claim they have a siesta lower risk of suffering heart of interference as much as 34 percent compared to those who do not siesta.

While they sleep the day more than 30 minutes three or more in each week has a record 37 percent lower interference affected the heart.

Taking a nap also can reduce the risk for interference in the heart of the workers, in which approximately 64 percent decreased risk of heart on the risk of death. While the men's unemployment, there were only about 36 percent.

"Sleep disturbances and afternoon blood vessel that has a significant relationship. Phenomena was found in this country that the majority of the population undergoing routine siesta on a regular basis, the results of the mortality rate due to disruption of blood vessel is very low," said research leader Dr. Dimitrios Trichopoulos, Harvard School of of Public Health.
Trichopoulos also said, although various studies about the siesta was conducted with different results, but there are important points that can be drawn from this study, namely: to know so we limit a person's health and ability to control your physical activities.
It's also like June Davison's, a nurse from the British Heart Health Foundation, which states siesta helps reduce the risk of heart attack, especially in the male workers.

"Bedroom afternoon in the middle of the day to help us break relax and separated from the load moment, and that it is very meant for our health. That we must remember is to balance the rest and activity," said Davison.

Davison also said that they are easy to work because of stress tend to giddy with their health behaviors, such as excessive smoking, do not consume healthy food, drink alcoholic beverages-and even forget to exercise. This increase the risk of heart trouble.

Program siesta has been Dilirik Yarde Metals, a company of iron and aluminum industry has a special room for the siesta workers at their office, in Southington, Connecticut. Lunch bedroom has two leather sofas, soft pillows, poor lighting and a feeble-hour weker.

"Although only sleep in a moment, but I can return to gather my energy and create the body shape. I think the siesta must start to adapt in our work routines," said Mark Ekenbarger, engineers Yarde Metals Company, which suffered arterial disorder and must undergo regular siesta top heart doctor for advice.

"Sleeping alone is not a day habit in the United States, because the siesta is the same as the laziness in the business world that is high mobility. However, at this time several offices in the United States began to give more time to sleep for a while 30-40 minutes during lunch break, and the results that they utilize siesta become more productive, "said Bill Anthony, psychological and Boston University author of" The Art of Napping at Work.


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