20 July 2009

Hand-Size Helicopter

Getting inspiration from James Bond film, a manufacturer of Prox Dynamics origin Norway make helicopter. However, the helicopter that was created only a cigarette box size that can be used for activities detective in the air.

With only the size of matchbox, the helicopter is named PD-100 Black Hornet nanocopter this can help the future soldiers in the battle to provide intelligence information, with only driven through a remote control distance.

So, it's just heli toys? Do not be wrong. Black Hornet is very powerful because it is controlled from long distance. In addition, this heli can perform a variety of maneuver that does not clearly owned by heli toys. Engineers behind the making of Black Hornet has been minuscule develop aircraft that will do all things, from the slow movement and speed, drift, and make things complicated. For example, flying in or out of the room.

With the weight of only 0.5 grams, this heli even more of a small toy helicopter batteries. Tools detective uses electric motors to run it. Microcopter use 4 rotor vane. Tis heli can bring a small digital camera and can fly at speeds of 20 miles per hour.

"Restaurants can be carried in a bag and can be prepared in a matter of seconds," says Petter Muren, carton manufacturers Prox Dynamics. "The heli will be helpful in this situation is critical and is used in combat situations or in a closed building. We will create a civil and a military version of Black Hornet, but it will only be sold to governments and intelligence agencies. "He said.

If something happens on the helicopter, such as the battery is broken or drop, do not worry. Some of the replacement can be done easily. The company provides standard package with three aircraft, a control pocket, and a charger


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