16 July 2009

Michael Jackson's Reincarnation In Game Video

A new video game Michael Jackson will be released. That will be the first video game marketed to the legend that after he died.

The King of Pop, who died on June 25 in Los Angeles (USA) in the age of 50 years, has taken part in producing a video game machine for a few days before he died and even record his vocal for the project.

The executive on the company, MJJ Productions, have decided to - with Jackson's vision - quickly completed video game and the fans are sure Jackson will soon see a product that has been so. A representative from the company that says, "I'm sure it will still be released, games like Michael."

Jackson during his life has taken part in the video game machine. In the 1990 he appears in Moonwalker Sega Genesis version. Her voice and dance are also present in the game Space Channel 5 in 1999 and the sequel is in 2002. He also appear in Ready 2 Rumble Boxing Round 2 in 2000.


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