20 July 2009

Animals That Love Vulcano

Active volcano that is named NW Rota-1 in the bottom of the sea around Guam, an island in the western Pacific Ocean, became a dwelling beings unique sea. Despite frequent eruption, the more that come to inhabit the area.

Including shrimp, crab, snail, and crab. Some even predicted a new species. Last observation carried out using the ship under the sea robot named Jason who is from the research ship R / V Thompson in the expedition last April.
"They were able to adapt to their environment and survive in an environment containing toxic chemical substances," said Bill Chadwick, a vulkanolog from Oregon State University. He said that the coming jewan-sea animals because so many new food source in the vicinity of the former eruption.

Hidrotermal bursts of gas from the belly of the mountain has brought the organic material into the live bacteria. This is a fertile layer of charm to be the presence of other beings. Even some of them adjust to the new environment as a kind of shrimp that has a small hook to scrape bacteria and other species that have the most to memangsa animal that size is smaller.

Summary volcano under the sea has formed cone at 40 meters and 300 meter selebar. The researchers will study the emergence of the mountain this relationship with the community of living beings along mountain activities.

"As the growth cone before, we have seen a population increase of animals that live there," said Chadwick. He and his team has conducted two previous times in 2004 and 2006.

By learning this, they hope to reveal the formation of life on the sea


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